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Hey Everyone,

Sci-Fi/Fantasy author Terry W. Ervin II interviewed me for his blog. Check it out!



The Kickstarter campaign to finance the printing of my newest comic, Icon-O-Plastic, is now live! Please consider pledging and/or spreading the word. Help us make rock n' roll and indie comic book history!




I'm excited to present the brand-spankin-new trailer for my upcoming comic book, Icon-O-Plastic! Enjoy!




Check it out! This commercial contains a song from the upcoming CD being released in conjunction with my Icon-o-Plastic comic book! The song, "Pagan Baby" is the lead off track on The Icons: Newly Discovered Demos. Stay tuned for details!



All of my comics are now available for purchase on e-readers/computers for DIRT CHEAP prices here! ENJOY!


 (Click the logo above, you sexy thing!)



Hey Everybody!

What've I been up to? Well, I contributed some comic book art to this TV show:

 Tales of the Strange 9

And, I've been gearing up to release my next comic book (stay tuned for more exciting details soon!):



A new episode of The Resurrected Albino Leperboy Show for ya! Dig it!



 Finally! Valedictorian USA #3 is available in my web store. Come get some!



The month of July is shaping up to be a busy one for yours truly. Check my calendar for details!

 Oh, and I'm hard at work on finishing Crackerstacker #2 as well!



Finally, issue #1 of Crackerstacker is available through my web store. Get ya some cracker crumbs!



This is no April Fool's joke, people! The Albino Leperboy Show has come back from the dead! Check out the new episode!

Also, I'll be at the Gem City Comic Con this Sunday (see my calendar page for details) so stop by and see me!


3/2/11:  Hey y'all! Click here to read a sweet, extensive interview with yours truly. Also, the other authors on there fascinating dudes and dudettes as well.


2/6/11:  Long time no update, right? First off, please check out this amazing blog by a fellow teacher/writer named Iain Coggins. He did a feature on me, but his other blog posts are even cooler: Lost Apple

Also, The first issue of my graphic memoir detailing my years in the grocery business, a mini-comic written and illustrated by yours truly, is done and ready to be printed. Issue #1 of Crackerstacker will be available soon. In the meantime, you can check out some sample pages by clicking here.


11/25/10: This Saturday I will be at Around About Books in Troy, Oh from 2-4:00.


11/22/10: Just in time for the holidays, my newest release is here! Unheard on This Earth: Volume 1 is a collection of song lyrics written by yours truly between 1998 and 2000. Twelve songs for a mere $1 (plus shipping)?! Have I gone mad?!


9/12/10:  I was recently interviewed for's Kindle blog. Check it out, dudes and dudettes!



On September 10, 11, and 12 I will be selling my books at the Sidney Apple Fest. Please see the calendar page of my website for details!


 Sorry for the month w/o updates, but the wife & I've been busy remodeling the homestead.

Now that our part of that mess is done, as a teaser, I'll tell y'all that I'm about 1/2 done with a comic book script that will be illustrated by an amazingly talented artist (who will be revealed later). The story? Well, it's kind of a rock bio story with a little Franz Kafka influence.


One of the two blogs I make time for, Terry W. Ervin's newest Up Around the Corner (for some reason) mentions me!


 The season 4 finale of Clyde the Redneck has been posted!

Also, I'll be at the grand opening of the Sidney Flea Market on 7/17/10. Go to my calendar page for details!



Another new episode of Clyde the Redneck has been posted!



A new episode of Clyde the Redneck has been posted!



At long last, here's the book trailer for my comic book series, Valedictorian USA. It was created by a student at Upper Valley JVS and I did a little fine-tuning. Enjoy!




Interested in a sneak preview of my next book? 


No donations required to read it, but if you'd like to throw some change my way, it would help big time with publishing expenses!

 Also, a new episode of Clyde the Redneck has been posted! 



 I had a great weekend at the Piqua Taste of the Arts Author Fair! Thanks to Tess Graves for putting it together with such style and class!


I recently found out about a bad review for Clyde. Click here to read it.

Clyde, of course, had to respond. Click here to read his response.


 Clyde weighs in on preachers with baggage in the newest episode of Clyde the Redneck. It's time to hack or pack!

 Also, I will be a participating author at the Piqua Taste of the Arts (my table will be on the first floor of the library) on May 21st and 22nd. Come see me and buy some stuff! Click here for details.



 There's a new, slick episode of Clyde the Redneck. Dig it!



A new season of Clyde the Redneck has begun! Check it out!

 Also, S.P.A.C.E. 2010 was phenomenal! Thanks to all the folks who stopped by my table and bought some of my wares!!! Below is a little slide show of photos taken at the show:


 The new trade paperback edition of Hocus Focus (sans spiral binding and guitar pick) is now available! Here's a pic:




Exciting news! Issue #2 of Valedictorian USA is now available! Technically it's debuting at S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press and Alternative Comic Expo), but I'll be glad to take your money now! Mwhahahaha!


In addition to S.P.A.C.E. (April 24th & 25th), I'll be appearing at the Regional Librarians Conference at the Upper Valley JVS on April 20th (with the infamous Terry W. Ervin). 



In an effort to vent some creative steam in short bursts, I opened a Zazzle shop. I have ties, stickers, postcards, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. Check it out!

make custom gifts at Zazzle




 Finally! Here is the cover of Valedictorian USA #2! As usual the art is by the amazing Daniel Salcido, but I also recruited colorist extraordinaire Savannah Williams this time around. 


     The comic will debut at this year's S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press & Alternative Comic Expo) in Columbus, OH on April 24th. After that it will be on sale through my website and at select retailers.

      Also, below is a photo of a book report project by an 8th grader from Covington, OH. Her assignment was to make clay sculptures of the main characters from a novel and she chose Lenny and Pauline from Hocus Focus. How freakin' cool is that?!



Happy belated new year! It's been two freakin' months since I posted anything here, so let's cut to the chase!

Issues 1, 2, & 3 of Clyde the Redneck (all handmade mini-comic style) are now available in my web store! They're cheaper than a roll of new duct tape so hop on over there and grab ya some!

Also, Valedictorian USA #2 is almost ready to take to the printers. I'll let y'all know when it's done.


All 1st edition copies of Hocus Focus (in my personal inventory) have been sold! If you want one of the last copies, you'll have to visit Around About Books or Darkstar Books in Yellow Springs. The 2nd edition, which will not be spiral bound and will not come with a free guitar pick, will go to press sometime in January or February...more info later! 


Also, expect issue #2 of Valedictorian USA to arrive in January or February as well!



The new LARGER THAN LIFE edition of Valedictorian USA: a mere $2 for a full-size slice of satiric goodness!



Hocus Focus is now available in every electronic format possible! Click the picture below to pick up a ridiculously cheap ($3.99) copy of my first novel!











New episode of Clyde posted!


Also, I'll have a table at the Mid-Ohio. Check the calendar page for details.



 Hocus Focus got a great review by fantasy/sci-fi author Terry W. Ervin. Check it out!


Also, I'll be at the Champion City Comic Con this Saturday. Details are here.



 A new episode of Clyde the Redneck has been unleashed!



 New episodes of the Albino Leperboy Show AND  Clyde the Redneck have been posted!



 New Clyde the Redneck posted!


Also, if you tried to read my newest blog and it was full of strangeness, blame it on Freewebs. ARGH!




 New blog posted yesterday!


Some author gigs are popping up on the calendar, too. I'll be at Mid-Ohio Con in October and Champion City Con in September...and, possibly, Taste of Troy in September as well. Whew! Looks like I'm going to be a busy little albino leperboy!


 Season 3 of Clyde the Redneck has begun! Can you hear liberals everywhere shaking in their eco-friendly shoes?!



 Breaking news! Saturday (8/1/09) I'll be selling my books at the Yellow Springs Book Fair. See the calendar page for details!


Also, episode #17 of the Albino Leperboy Show was posted today. ROCK!



 Great news! At the Dr. Creep benefit show I had a lottery. The lucky person who won a copy of Valedictorian USA was Ms. Tina Johnson. Congrats, Tina! And thanks to the many folks who came and made the event such a huge success for Dr. Creep!


Also, as of today, Valedictorian is now available through one more fine retailer:






 Just a reminder: next weekend, 7/18/09, I will be participating in the Dr. Creep Benefit in Springfield, OH. Click the pic below for details.


Also, I added a "Calendar" page so you can see how few appearances a lazy pasty white guy makes.



 Hocus Focus is now available at Toni's Cuppa Joe in downtown Troy, OH. Stop on down, grab some killer coffee, and snag a great book!



Hocus Focus (my 1st novel) is now available in electronic (Kindle) format! And it's CHEAP! Click the book cover image below to go get some!


 Also, I will be selling my books at the Dr. Creep Benefit Concert (in Springfield, OH) on July 18th. Come on down and support a great cause! There will be killer bands and a bunch of merchants hawking their wares.

 In case you don't know, Dr. Creep is a local legend who used to host a TV horror show. He's in dire need of financial assistance with medical bills.



Long time no update! Sheesh! Anyway, I added a page (Other Sites I Haunt) so you can find me on social networking sites. 



Also, Valedictorian USA is now available at Super Fly Comics in Yellow Springs, OH. They have a sweet comic store so stop on in some time!


Finally, an interview of me was posted on the Comic Related Recap Podcast: Episode 120. They were insane enough to talk to me at SPACE. My yappin' starts about 12 1/2 minutes into the show, but obviously I'm urging you to check out the entire show! 



Man! Clyde has a lot on his mind lately! Check out Episode 9 here!




Finally! A new episode of Clyde the Redneck! Sorry for the delay, but real life has been kickin' my butt.



My comic, Valedictorian USA, got its 1st review! Check it out!



 Last weekend I was at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo...and it was a blast! I met a lot of cool people (fans, authors, artists, etc.) and even managed to sell some books! Below is a slideshow of some pics I took. 


 New blog posted today, too. Enjoy!



 Happy Chocolate Easter Bunny & Marshmallow Peeps Day! New episode of the Albino Leperboy Show is live. ROCK! [Featuring the music of: The Qemists (with Mike Patton), David Bowie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Corporate Avenger, Fantomas, Wreckless Eric, and S*HINES.]



 New episode of Clyde the Redneck posted! What does our favorite, dual-e drivin' dude think of the Easter Bunny?



Check it out! Monty Colvin (Galactic Cowboys, Awful Truth, Crunchy) was crazy enough to ask me to list my top 10 favorite albums for his podcast.






 A new episode of Clyde the Redneck has been posted!


Oh, and I'll be selling, signing, wining and dining at this year's Small Press And Comic Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) on April 18 & 19 in Columbus, OH. Come on down! Click here for more details, grasshoppers.



A new episode of Clyde the Redneck has been unleashed! Dig it!



16 months in the making: my new CD is finally here! Download it here! It's FREE!




This weekend I'll be participating in the annual Troy Book Lover's Festival at Around About Books. Click here for details!





New blog posted: Dr. Manhattan's Swinging Blue Member: My Review of The Watchmen!



The color cover for issue #1 of Valedictorian USA is finally done! This deluxe edition will debut at S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press And Comic Expo) on April 18th. From there on out, it will be available through this website and comic book stores (the names of which will be announced later).


Also, my new solo CD, The Thousand Legged Sneer, is almost done. The cover scan is on the S*HINES page. These 10 songs will be a free download.



 Finally! A new episode of Clyde the Redneck has been unleashed!



I had a blast emceing the Valentine's Day gig. Tons of great music and no big egos or buttheads! Do yourself a favor and check out the bands listed below on the flyers...not to mention the Gem City Rollergirls.


 Also, I just posted a new episode of Clyde the Redneck! Dig it!



If you live in Ohio, come see me make a fool out of myself during my first emcee gig!




 Clyde's back with an all new episode. Check it out!



Episode 14 of the Albino Leperboy Show has been posted! An episode dedicated to my lovely wife, featuring the music of: the Ramones, Crunchy, Yo-Yo's, the Wildhearts, Silver Ginger 5...and more!



I was recently invited to be on an amazing podcast called The Zonecast. Surf on over and check it out! Oh, and feel free to subscribe the show. It's quite entertaining and informative!



 Clyde the Redneck has finally recovered from the election. Episode 1 of Season 2 is finally here!



Hocus' amazing cover artist & printers/binders got some well-deserved press on the FRONT PAGE of an Ohio newspaper! Check it out!



Hocus Focus is available at:

 237 Xenia Ave
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

 **Also, if you attempted to buy Hocus through the  Buy Stuff page on this here site (& got an error message), the problem has been fixed.



New blog posted! Rock!





Two days ago, my first novel (Hocus Focus) debuted at Around About Books in Troy, Ohio. The release party was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me!


Here's a slideshow of pics from the event:



 If you couldn't make it out to the party, you can still purchase Hocus through Around About Books or directly from my web store.


Also. I recorded a special episode of The Albino Leperboy Show that features songs discussed in Hocus, as well as some behind the scenes insight into the creative process...not to mention my zany publishing industry mishaps. Enjoy! 




Finally! The first 2 boxes off the press! Come get some!






 You are cordially invited:


 Around About Books

8 West Main Street

Troy, Ohio 45373

Phone: (937) 339-1707





New blog posted! ROCK!!





New episode of the Albino Leperboy Show posted! ROCK!





Finally! After weeks of weeping and gnashing of teeth, the official video trailer for Hocus Focus. Enjoy!




There's a rockin' new blog posted in Cerebral Spewings. Check it out!




There's a new blog posted in Cerebral Spewings. Check it out!




New episode of the Albino Leperboy Show has been posted, featuring the music of the Galactic Cowboys, The Bronx, The Architects, The Wildhearts, My Latex Brain, and Amanda Palmer!




 Hocus Focus was handed to the printers today. Production starts next week! Stay tuned for an official release date. Pre-orders are being taken starting NOW!


Oh, and a new blog is up as well.



 The real back cover has been posted. So, that's the actual ISBN and UPC. Dig it!



The back cover of Hocus Focus is now done. I've posted a scan (and no, that's not the real ISBN number or bar code). 




Two new episodes of Clyde the Redneck posted!





My podcast was given a free plug by former Galactic

Cowboys bassist, Monty Colvin, in his new podcast. Check

it out!

It's episode #1, by the way.



Added a new page with the brand-spankin' new cover of my first novel, Hocus Focus. Three sample chapters are there as well.

Stay tuned for a release date for Hocus Focus in the very near future as well! Can you feel the excitement?



Added a new page featuring links to my favorite rock bands. Check it out, wankers!

Like my site? Have a friend who might dig my stuff? Click below!

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New Clyde the Redneck posted...finally!




My pasty white right calf is famous!





All five of my solo CD's have been posted on the S*HINES page. Free tunes! Download 'em and enjoy!


Also, as of today, the Valedictorian USA graphic novel is under consideration by one literary agent. It's been rejected by 14  agents so far. I'm still waiting to hear from 25 other agents/publishers that I've queried.


Just to give you an idea of how much rejection an author goes through in the process of trying to break into  the publishing world, check out these two pics of my Wall of Rejection:






New Clyde the Redneck strip posted...finally! 





New blog posted! 




Posted a new Clyde the Redneck today. Finally! New Albino Leperboy Show coming soon as well! 




Recent additions include a new blog, episode #4 of Clyde the Redneck, and a Books I Dig page (in case you're wondering what literature fuels this albino mind). Enjoy! 


6/16/08 Misc. Tweaks:

Thanks to Andy "The Dark Lord" Boos & Terry Ervin for suggesting much needed changes, which I made today. The links page is fixed and so are the backgrounds. 


6/10/08 Domain Name:

 Today my domain name ( went in, my tight ass finally paid to secure it. If you're wondering about the .org, well, some butthole beat me to .com. That's what I get for procrastinating, I guess. More news later!