Stephen Hines

Author of Rebirth Defect, Valedictorian USA, Zombie Fabulous, Crackerstacker, and Hocus Focus  

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  Bio of an Albino Leperboy

 Stephen Hines was spawned, and currently lives, in Ohio. When he’s not infiltrating the system by teaching high school English, he’s holed up in his basement writing. So far he’s published one young adult novel (Hocus Focus), a graphic novel (Valedictorian USA: Vol. 1) a short story in a dystopian sci-fi anthology (Das Krakenhaus Publishing) called The End of the World as We Know It, a one-shot surrealist horror comic (Icon-O-Plastic), and has several ongoing comic book series (Valedictorian USA, Crackerstacker, and Zombie Fabulous!). His horror graphic novel, S.M.K., is being illustrated as well. He’s currently hard at work on a memoir (Rebirth Defect: My Journey From Catholic Altar Boy to Teen Atheist to Adult Christian Metal Evangelist and Back to Atheism) that will surely alienate the few friends he still has.


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