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Our New President Elect (Or Things That Crack Me Up About Conservatives)

Posted on November 6, 2008 at 5:41 PM

     So we have a new president named Barack Obama.

     In my last blog I mentioned that I was, somewhat reluctantly, voting for the man. And I did. To be honest, I waffled quite a bit after posting that blog. After rereading it, along with Terry Ervin's comments, I realized that I was being a hypocrit.

     How, you ask?

     Well, I criticized people who let Bush manipulate them (with fear) into reelecting a worthless sack of feces braindead spoiled rotten rich kid. But then, I was (originally) voting for Obama out of fear. Granted my fear was of a braindead hockey mom religious zealot, but still. My vote was being manipulated by fear.

     All the way up until I cast my (provisional) ballot, I was waffling between writing in a vote for my dude Ron Paul (watch for his new DVD: Too Honest for Washington!) and voting for Barack. When I sat down in the voting precinct, my little #2 pencil kept hovering between the bubbles. Several times I tried to force my hand down to the bottom of the ballot so I could write in Mr. Paul, but my gut kept telling me, "No!"

     Now, I pride myself on thinking things through before acting. And I mostly do. I have very little respect for people who flit about being pulled behind their Ids, constantly humiliating themselves and having to apologize for uncontrolled impulsive behavior. But, on the other hand (I have five fingers!) I've learned that my gut feeling is almost always right. Nearly every time I've ignored my gut feeling, it's been regrettable. Sometimes on a large scale. Sometimes on a minute scale. Either way, my gut rarely steers me wrong.

     So, I voted for Obama, shoved my ballot in the big provisional ballot envelope (somehow I wasn't on the register and the senile old geezers running the precinct kept insisting that I wasn't a registered voter...nevermind the fact that I'd just voted in the primary for this here election...and the previous presidential election, etc.) and left. No, I didn't go skipping away, rejoicing and feeling 100% ecstatic in the candidate I'd just endorsed. But I knew I'd done the right thing.

     Now, a few days after Barack annihilated McCain, I'm beginning to get these ridiculoulsy paranoid and fearful e-mails stating that Obama's presidency is the second-to-last sign that the USA is collapsing beneath the weight of it's own decadence. When I log in to my MySpace account, people are posting these insane, almost schizophrenically paranoid rants about America voting itself into the red, iron claws of communism. Oh, and the old "New World Order" phrase has resurfaced. I hadn't heard that since it came out of GEORGE BUSH SENIOR'S mouth a while back. How soon these paranoid right wingers forget.

      All of this, along with all of the parrotted conservative talk show host catch phrases ("Liberal Media", "Rockstar Obama", "America's New Saviour", etc.) never cease to crack me up. It's okay if people don't like the guy. Disagree with his politics, vote against him, etc. But, for the love of god, at least think for yourselves! You sound like starstruck teenagers who constantly go around quoting their favorite celebrity's catch phrases.

      Let's keep things in perspective here, America. We have these things built into our government called CHECKS and BALANCES. Even if the Democrats completely take over in Washington (god forbid) there's no way Obama has free reign to do whatever he pleases. The dinger in the liberty bell may have swung from the right to the left, but it's padded with safety measures to ensure the bell doesn't crack from the extreme swing. Not to mention, there are enough fat cats who've been made rich by special interest groups, payoffs, bribes, etc. who would fight like momma bears protecting their cubs to make sure no president kills their cash cow.

     I still stand by my belief that, until we have more than two teams in town, our government is screwed. We need at least three or four VIABLE choices/voices in DC.

     But that doesn't mean that I won't enjoy listening to conservatives wind themselves up into a paranoid frenzy over Obama. I am, however, concerned about what Jon Stewart will have to make fun of. He's a smart, funny guy, though. He'll be okay.

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Reply Cassandra
8:30 PM on November 6, 2008 
Reply Terry
10:05 PM on November 7, 2008 
Stephen Hines, <br> <br>As I'd indicated, Reid in the Senate and Pelosi in the House... <br> <br>One quickly learns what bipartisanship is from their perpsective...Senator Lieberman, a long-time democrat and one time democratic VP candidate not so long ago is being thrown overboard now that they in the Senate don't <i>need</i> him to caucus with them for majority. He is quite liberal on almost every issue but the war in Iraq--ie he has supported the surge that is now working. <br> <br>President Elect Obama has already predicted 10% or more unemployment, high interest rates, millions of home owners going to lose their homes to foreclosure, etc. <br> <br>And well, when asked about those tax increases on the wealthy and tax cuts (or redistribution those 40% or so who don't pay income taxes), he's no longer giving straight answers to reporters. <br> <br>I remember the 18-21% interest rates for home mortgages, double digit unemployment, and gas shortages. It was during the Carter years. The USA got through that, it'll get through it again...especially if he doesn't govern as Carter did. <br> <br>The sad thing is that President Elect Obama is in a situation largely not of his own design (he really only spent two years in the Senate, the rest of the time he was campaigning), and in truth, the President, as I indicated earlier, actually has very little power over these things...but he can nudge it on occasion. And sadly, it's always easier to screw things up than to build them up it seems. <br> <br>He'll be dependent on the Congress. Odd as it <i>may</i> seem to you--me having been a McCain supporter--now that he (Obama) has been elected, I want to see him succeed. The country needs a good/strong leader because there are so many things that he'll have to juggle besides the economy. In addition, he's the first black president, and if he is a miserable/ineffective president, it may be a long time before the country would vote that way again, and I think there are a lot of minorities with what it takes in the pipeline to higher office, if not the highest office. It shouldn't matter color, but to an extent (much lesser than it did years before) it still does. <br> <br>The numbers voting in this election were roughly equal to those in 2004. The youth vote was roughly the same as in 2004...actually most categories remained close to 2004, except the black vote was up from about 11% to 13%, and that certainly helped to swing things in favor of Senator Obama. <br> <br>I hope Obama gets a decent honeymoon period to get things up and running. Sure, I'll be one to snipe and point out that he wasn't what he pretended to be in the campaign...he is a politician, but I am sure there will be some things I'll be able to cheer him on about. <br> <br>I liked the way, for example, when a reporter today asked him if, after being part of the secret intelligence briefs that President Bush and all US Presidents get, how it would affect his campaign promises, he was vague and basically told the reporter that he wasn't going to tip his hand. <br> <br>I can only imagine some of the less than good estimates/reports (understatement) that he is now privy too and just how difficult his job will be. <br> <br>In the end, I believe we're all Americans first.
Reply Sandy
9:56 PM on November 8, 2008 
The best way to get someone to do what you want, is to create fear. People are stupid because the believe something to be true or the fear it to be true~Terry Goodkind. <br> <br>People to not look for the facts, they believe what they are told, or what they want to hear. <br> <br>Politicians are magicians; they use slight of hand. They will distract you with fear, like terrorism, while spending trillion of dollars to control other countries, and while oil prices are going up, President Bush, who owns many oil field in the Middle East, is getting even richer.
Reply Terry
10:56 PM on November 8, 2008 
Individuals in the USA might complain about Bush. Stephen Hines' unhinged little rant about Bush demonstrates hatred and possibly the propaganda he has fallen for. But in the end, recalling back to 9/11, it was considered virtually certain that it was not an 'if' but more a 'when' the USA would suffer another attack in the homeland. It has not happened...and much of that credit should fall to the Bush Administration--along with those in the military and in intelligence as well as domestic law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and local police forces. <br> <br>That President Bush owns oil fields in the middle east and is growing rich off of them?...that is not something I've come across. What is the source for this information so that I can determine if it is indeed true.
Reply stephenhines
2:59 PM on November 9, 2008 
<b><span style="font-size:12px">Since I've been accused of posting an "unhinged rant", I thought I'd share one of the insane MySpace posts that I mentioned in my blog...just to prove that Terry apparently doesn't get out often...or maybe it proves that I magnetically attract freaks for friends on social networking sites? <img alt="smile" src=""&g
t; <br> <br>Here we go (the poster has been kept anonymous):</span></b> <br> <br>Nov 6, 2008 10:54 PM <br>Subject: Nazi Obama <br>Body: Ready​,​ this is why I KNOW he's evil (​it'​s a judgm​ent call and i'm makin​g it). <br> <br> <br>The video​ is 17 secon​ds of obama​s speec​h <br> <br>http:​/​/​www.​ youtu​be. <br>​ com/​watch​?​v=​I9LwU​bFy-​-​A&​featu​re=​relat​ed <br> <br>There's no point! Why would he do this?! Waste more of our money! Nothing good can come of this! <br>Read this page as well,​ and see what Obama​ is evil and is indee​d a NAZI!​ <br> <br>http:​/​/​en.​ wikip​edia. <br>​ org/​wiki/​Waffe​n-​SS <br> <br>WAKE UP PEOPL​E!​ <br> <br>History IS repeating itself right before our eyes. <br>Do you see it? I do! <br> <br><span style="font-size:12px"><b>And our 2nd ACTUAL unhinged rant:</b></span> <br> <br>Nov 5, 2008 1:25 AM <br>Subject: the end is near <br>Body: welp....get ready to become a communist country. I don't know about you but some wilderness survival courses sound fantastic right about now. I fear these next four years may be our last. All aboard the train wreck that was once America, next stop....death! <br> <br>I am no longer American....WE are no longer Americans. Real Americans wouldn't have let this happen. <br> <br> <br> <br><b><span style="font-size:12px">And I rest my case. </span></b>
Reply Terry
1:07 PM on November 12, 2008 
And the case is that your comments attract even more unhinged comments? <br> <br>Your ‘argument’ or 'case' appears to utilize a combination of two fallacies: a quantificational—proof by example and an informal—appealing to ridicule. <br> <br>So your case is basically along the lines of (similar to): "Sure, I embezzled money, but not as much as the next guy just did. So I'm in the right." <br>
Reply stephenhines
7:24 PM on November 12, 2008 
No, kind sir, I never said that my comments attracted the radical anti-Obama statements that the anonymous MySpace ranter posted. Those were bulletins this person posted for all of the web to see. <br> <br>And no, I wasn't attempting to say that I'm not as guilty as the next guy. I was attempting to prove that, obviously, your idea of an "unhinged rant" and mine are obviously very different. <br> <br>Maybe the comments I made about Dubya differ from your opinions of the man, but my definition of unhinged would be making death threats, promising to move to another country/join a militant anti-government group, etc. <br> <br>One may be able to argue that Dubya isn't stupid and that he's merely a poor public speaker, but that would be a thin case indeed. And there's tons of proof that he is a spoiled little rich kid. His father kept handing him businesses to run (before his political career) and Dubya ran them all into the ground. Daddy's money paved the way for everything the man has "achieved", and that's not very much.
Reply Terry
10:25 PM on November 12, 2008 
One could argue about how smart a person is or isn't. John Kerry was supposed to be intellectual, however George Bush's scores in college surpassed the senator's. Many folks said Reagan wasn't smart either. <br> <br>I guess being elected president and being re-elected doesn't count as an achievement. One could argue that Bush benefited from Clinton fatigue when he ran against Gore (much like Obama benefitted while running against McCain) and one might even assert that his father's stint as President (and 8 years as VP) may have helped open a few doors, but much of their political base--types of Republicans who offered support (grass roots/party) differed. In any case, he managed to get re-elected where his father failed. <br> <br>I think one would find that many individuals who both are and are <i>not</i> great supporters (from actors, reporters and broadcasters, other politicians) who meet with him in private come away with a much different image than the public persona. By different, I mean insightful and intellectual. <br> <br>Note, that I think President Bush made a some neglecting to veto pretty much everything his first term and his willingness to expand government, but I also think (as mentioned) that one of his major successes has been to keep this country safe and free from terror attacks after 9/11. <br> <br>And unlike many who began 'hating' Bush the moment he took office (he 'stole' the election and all) and determined to undermine him on every front possible, no matter what, I have an open mind on what soon to be President Obama hopes to achieve for our country. While I won't agree with everything he does, I suspect he'll be working in more than a few ways that I can readily support. <br> <br>For example, he's talked about standing tough against China and trade agreements. That's been talked about by many politicians. I hope as President, Obama does exactly that. If/when he does, I'll be cheering him on. Will it be easy? No, because the U.S.'s relationship with China is very's more than economic--its political (especially in the UN's Security Council) and military (who they support/supply and even oppose such as Taiwan). It could end in a disaster, but I <i>think</i> Obama might just have the smarts and savvy to manage it. We'll see. <br>